Duration 81 mins   

On a rainy evening, a young girl sits alone in a deserted big house. No one else is in the house. In the meantime a special announcement by the police is transmitted over the TV. It’s about a criminal who enter houses where only women dwells and kills them. Police advice the public not to allow any unknown persons to their houses. A stranger comes to the house and tries to enter because of the rain. He somehow manipulates the girl and get in. The girl gets the notion that this is the insane criminal. She manages to escape and runs out of the front door to find another stranger. The girl begs him for help and the second stranger enters the house with her and locks the door. This new stranger has abnormal behavior and later she comes to know that the second stranger is the real criminal not the first one. The doubt shifts from one to the other due to their awkward behavior. When they find out that the actual criminal is also in the house all three of them are caught in a deadly trap.

CAST:                Gayani Gisanthika,Chameera Liyanage,Upendra Sanjeewa

DURATION:      81 minutes.

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