Duration 119 mins   

Udanchhoo revolves around the lead protagonists Vikram Rajneesh Duggal Guru G Prem Chopra and Shanti Saisha Sehgal. Guru G under the garb of a pious spiritual guru runs black money operations through his ashram with help of his trusted devotees Billu Ashutosh Rana and Julia Bruna Abdullah. Guru G s operations are running smoothly till Vikram shows up at his doorstep offering help to streamline his money laundering process and a man named Dhanraj Singhania becomes one of his devotees. The film then entangles all the characters together in a huge con mystery which results in a funny and dramatic climax.

CAST:                Prem Chopra,Ashutosh Rana,Rajniesh Duggall,Bruna Abdullah

DURATION:      119 minutes.

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