Siri Parakum

Duration 115 mins   

The 1st Queen of the king dies in child birth,the prince survives.After the 2nd queen,gives birth to a new prince,she plots to kill the 1st prince,so that her son would get the crown after the king.A Soldier senses this danger and ousts the prince to a rural village for survival.The Village headman adopts the child without knowing the origin of the child.The prince gradually forgets his royalty,and grows up as a skillful and handsome farmer.After the death of the king,the soldier and religious leaders plan to bring the real prince to the crown.

CAST:                Pramuditha Udaya Kumara, Akila Dhanuddhara, Senali Fonseka, Bimal Jayakody, Palitha Silva

DURATION:      115 minutes.

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