Mage Yalu Malu

Duration 100 mins   

Susila is a lower middle class woman between 50 and 60 years. She earns her living by selling vegetables at weekly fairs or polas.Her only son has eloped with an under-aged girl whom he has married secretly without the blessings of parents of both sides. They have a child called Lithum.When Lithum is around four years, his parents are killed after being struck by lightning.From then onwards Susila becomes Lithum’s guardian. Susila is fond of her grandson but the villagers treat Lithum in a disgraceful manner believing that his bad luck had triggered the deaths of his parents.The villagers start ridiculing, harassing and making life difficult for Lithum who leads a frustrated and sluggish lifestyle. But Chamari’s daughter Kaveesha who also lives in the same village talks and even likes to play with Lithum amidst opposition from her mother and the villagers. Chamari says that if her daughter associates with a doomed boy like Lithum, she would also be called such a girl.One day when Lithum and Kaveesha are playing on the beach, a rare dolphin joins to play with them. The Dolphin becomes Lithum’s good friend. Initially he plays with the dolphin discreetly, but soon it became known to the entire village. Later the dolphin is also harassed by the children of this village.One day a child called Mihiraj who was harassing the dolphin and Lithum, is caught up in a huge wave which takes the child away to the sea. The dolphin and Lithum save Mihiraj and bring him to the shore. With this incident Lithum becomes a hero in the village. He is no more treated as a doomed child. The villagers say he is a fortunate boy.Susila is worried about Lithum’s friendship with the dolphin, fearing that she might lose her grandson as a result. But in the end she too realizes the value of the dolphin.

CAST:                Senevirathna Chandani, Thiwanka Chilie, Senadhi Denuwana, Chandrasiri Sarath, Botheju Piumi

DURATION:      100 minutes.

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