Katha Karana Heena

Duration 81 mins   

Apoorva's father, a lawyer, and his mother, a senior bank executive, often spend most of the day at work, leaving Apoorva alone. 7 years older than him, his brother is involved in computer, learning as well as sports. The brother is a gifted student at a school in the city. A child living in his own dreams, far removed from the computer world associated with the strange environment. He thinks that everything around him has life. He talks to all of these characters in the tree star cloud books. He makes his best friend, a girl named Amaya who can't walk.

CAST:                Buddhika Jayarathne,Semini Iddamalgoda,Chandrasoma Binduhewa,Maneesha Shyamali

DURATION:      81 minutes.

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