Ira Handa Yata

Duration 124 mins   

A Coincidental meeting of a Soldier and an Army officer at a dark night, in a forest burning with war, between Sri Lankan Army and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The Soldier's efforts born out of sheer respect to save the life of his critically wounded senior Officer become futile at the end. At the Senior officer's death, the soldier nagged constantly by his conscience and its questioning, feels that he too was responsible for the death of his Senior Officer. in the face of this, the soldier begins to probe into the past of the Senior Officer's life and engages in boundless sacrifice to bring justice to him, and in that process soldier gets Senior Officer's past wrongs corrected.

CAST:                Dharshani Tasha, Damitha Abeyratne, Jagath Beneragama

DURATION:      124 minutes.

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