Duration 92 mins   

Bandanaya is a 2017 Sri Lankan Sinhala Black-n-white horror film directed and produced by Udayakantha Warnasuriya. Musical score was done by Nadun Rathnayake.It stars Cyril Wickramage, Hemal Ranasinghe, Dulani Anuradha in lead roles along with Swinetha Weerasinghe, Nilmini Thennakoon and Ravindra Yasas.The film was released in 50 CEL circuit cinemas in addition to 12 cinemas which screen the movie in 3D format.

CAST:                Siril Wicramage, Hemal Ranasinghe, Dulani Anuradha, Suwineetha Weerasinghe, Nilmini Thennakoon

DURATION:      92 minutes.

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