Apartment Rent at Your Own Risk

Duration 98 mins   

Airhostess Preeti Sengupta Tanushree Dutta suspects her live in boyfriend Karan Malhotra Rohit Roy of being disloyal to her and kicks him out of their apartment. She soon realises that paying the rent is getting difficult and ends up sharing the apartment with a new tenant Neha Bhargav Neetu Chandra. Neha leaves Preeti impressed with her kind helpful nature. As the girls form a strong bond of friendship Preeti s seemingly normal life slowly begins to swerve off road. There s more to Neha than meets the eye. Is she really as friendly and docile as she seems to be or is she really a wolf in sheep s clothing

CAST:                Rohit Roy,Tanushree Dutta,Neetu Chandra,Udita Goswami,Mushtaq Khan,Nassar Abdulla,Anupam Kher,Bobby Darling,Kishore Anand Bhanushali,Dinesh Hingoo

DURATION:      98 minutes.

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