Where you meet PEO

SLT VisionCom(Pvt) Ltd.,
Sri Lanka Telecom PLC,
P. O. Box 503, Lotus Road, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka.

Tel : 1212
e-mail: visioncom@slt.com.lk

  Mindscape   Traces Of Sandalwood  
  A detective with the unique ability to enter people's minds and memories, takes on the case of a troubled teenage girl accused of an attempted triple ...   Adopted and living in Spain for years, a young woman returns to Mumbai to discover her roots, accompanied by a handsome Indian guide whom she ...  
  The Wild   The Song  
  A young lion from a zoo in New York is accidentally shipped to Africa and his animal friends have to work together ...   A singer-songwriter's life and marriage suffer when the song he writes for his wife propels him to stardom. ...